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Usually Goes By: Vince
Full Name: Vicente Carlos Esteban Ramón Sandalio Huerta
AIM: vinceknowsplants
Date of Birth: April 13, 1978
Originally From: Tempe, AZ
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Landscape designer and gardener
Favorite Saying: "If not me, who? If not now, when?"
Biography • • •

Vince was born the younger of two children to Ramón and Jacinta Huerta. His parents moved the family to Boston when Vince was 12, to take advantage of both job opportunities that had been offered and educational opportunities for their son and daughter. Vince did not take the transition to a new school or his class-conscious fellow students altogether well. He quickly gained a reputation as someone who would never back down from a confrontation, but he was a good student and always took care never to start an actual fight. He'd just challenge whoever was giving him grief to a little one-on-one with a soccer or rugby ball, and if they ate a little turf in the process, oh well. Since he was just as willing to stand up to bullies on behalf of others, he made many firm friends among his school's underdogs.

College brought new vistas and new challenges as he worked toward degrees in horticulture and landscape design, frustrating his father, who'd wanted both his children to pursue what he saw as more prestigious careers. Ramón was slightly mollified by oldest Olivia becoming a doctor, and then an oncologist, but he and Vince had many roof-raising arguments over Vince's decision to follow his passion. College also brought new friends, including Gloria Travers, a library science major who became an off-and-on friend with benefits as well. After college he worked for a couple of different landscaping firms before joining a company started by a college friend.

Vince settled into a pleasant routine, but life had a few surprises to spring on him. Surprise #1 happened four years ago when Gloria, who had remained a friend and was once again a FWB, told him she was pregnant, he was the father, and she planned to keep the baby. Good Catholic boy that he was, and having heard all his father's tirades about men who didn't "do the right thing" in such situations, he asked her to marry him. This led directly to Surprise #2: she turned him down. Happy as she was that Vince wanted to be a father to the child she was carrying, Gloria believed that a contraceptive mishap was no reason for "till death do us part" type vows with a man she saw only as a good friend. So Vince found himself going to OB/GYN appointments and birthing classes with a woman who was not and never would be his wife, a situation that felt decidedly surreal to him and caused more than a little head-scratching among both families. All familial objections quieted, however, when little Gabriela Pilar Huerta was born and promptly wrapped her father's heart around her fingers.

Since then Vince and Gloria have worked things out as they go, making sure that Gabi spends an equal amount of time with each of them and sharing financial responsibilities. The arrangement still felt strange to Vince, but he understood and respected Gloria's reasons ... or he thought he did. Then Surprise #3 came along in the form of Paul Anderson, the man Gloria fell in love with in a whirlwind courtship and married five months ago. Vince declined an invitation to the wedding, but gave his blessing for Gabi to be part of the ceremony. He's still dealing with the emotional aftershocks, not jealousy about Gloria (though the thought that this other guy could be good enough where he apparently wasn't gave him a jab to his ego), but a barely-acknowledged anxiety about being replaced by the new man in his baby daughter's life. That Gloria's new husband might feel equally twitchy about her past lover being such a constant presence hasn't quite occurred to him yet.

And on top of all this, Gloria recommended Vince to do some landscaping work at Boston College High School, where she now works as a librarian, and Paul isn't the only one speculating about why...

In addition to unexpected fatherhood, Vince keeps a busy schedule, working hard and playing hard. His parents raised both their children with the idea of giving back to the community, and Vince does so by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and coaching soccer for Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Since he also gets together with friends and family on a regular basis, life won't slow down anytime soon.

Personality • • •

Vince is at heart an intelligent man with fairly traditional values, whose life has gone in a direction he never expected. He loves Gabi with his whole heart, and people's default assumption that he must be some kind of deadbeat dad for not marrying her mother infuriates him to no end. Don't get him started about those who've suggested that Gloria's husband should adopt Gabi "for the baby's sake." Vince is fiercely protective of his daughter; she's the most important thing in his life.

He has always had a drive to prove himself, be it to his father, classmates, coworkers, or anyone who assumes he's all muscle and no brains after taking one look at his face and build and hearing his Latino last name. He takes a particularly acid pleasure in proving that last group wrong, especially those who treat him like unskilled help when he wears jeans to a site and gets his hands dirty. He has left more than one client in their state of ignorance right up to the point when he shows up for a planning meeting in a neatly tailored suit, introduces himself as the designer, and smirks just a little at their embarrassment.

If Vince could be summed up in one phrase, it would probably be "full steam ahead." No matter what's involved, he throws himself into life unhesitatingly, sometimes without full thought for the consequences. Vicente Huerta believes in doing everything with a will, especially helping those who need it and being there for family and friends. When he does take a little quiet time for himself, he reads voraciously, listens to an eclectic variety of music and tends the plants in his patio garden.

Storylines • • •

Under Construction -

Out Of Character • • •

Name: Chris
Timezone: Mountain after fall back, Pacific after spring forward
I lean towards threaded scenes and gdocs, but I'll do IC aimlogs as well. Just ask!
Bio layout from [ profile] rp_tutorials


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